August 31, 2007


...Oh...the endless "why" questions of preschoolers!

Here's some that Caleb has been asking me lately (and I must say that some of these I found very profound and others are so funny!)

  • Why do you drive faster in some streets and slower in others?
  • Why do we blow candles on birthdays?
  • Why are some families blessed with one car and others with two?
  • Why are we not learning Bible verses at the library (storytime)?
  • Why is Noah so naughty? :-)
  • Why do some parents stay at home and some go to work?
  • Why do some kids bother me?
  • Why does God keep sending bad weather to us? (recent Midwest storms)
  • Why did the soldiers beat Jesus? (he's been very curious about why Jesus suffered)
  • Why did they think He was their enemy?
  • Why do I get to eat more candy when I am with Lola? (grandma) ;-)
  • Why can't I drink pop like other kids?

My prayer is that even with these questions the Lord will give me wisdom to direct his little heart towards Him.

"Let your speech be always gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer each person"

Colossians 4:6

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Jennifer said...

My nephew asked today, "what's jury duty?" [He heard that on TV.] I said, "it's when you have to go and serve at a courthouse." Then he said, "what's a courthouse?" I said, "it's where you go to serve jury duty." I'm not sure when the questions end. . . .