September 04, 2007

Our Preschool Plan

Many people are asking me what I am doing for preschool this year and so here it goes....

  • Read-Alouds (lots and lots of books): I am re-reading many books that Caleb loved in the past 2 years and introducing them to Noah. I grouped them by themes. We will also re-read all the BFIAR (Before Five in a Row) titles. I'll blog about the themes in the days/weeks to come.

  • Kumon Workbooks: These are great for fine motor skills and pencil control. The workbooks include cutting, pasting, folding, coloring and mazes. I don't schedule these at all but whenever they feel like doing some pages.

  • Usborne First Learning: we got the Opposites, Shapes, Starting to Measure and Counting 1-10 titles of this series. Like the Kumon books these we do as often as Caleb feels like doing them.

  • Hooked in Spanish: I let Caleb play in the computer with the CD-roms on this program 2 times a week. I am not too excited about the rest of the materials but the computer games get them to hear more Spanish.
  • Ziploc Activities: I prepared simple activities and placed them inside ziplocs and file them away on a crate. The bags include stamps, stickers, stencils, lacing beads, watercolors, playdough, etc. We usually do these after nap time. And somehow putting these things inside a ziploc makes them more appealing to little kids.
  • Devotionals: The Rhyme Bible and A-Z Bible Verses. Plus we review stories from Sunday school and Awana.

That's it! The rest of the time we spend playing (games, blocks, puzzles, trains, etc.) and we do a lot of singing too (nursery rhymes, worship songs, Spanish songs, hymns).

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