October 12, 2007

Loosing my voice again

So here I am again with no voice. It happens every year when the weather starts to drop. I get a cold and a few days later my throat hurts and then my voice is gone. :-(

The best remedy for laryngitis is of course don't use your voice at all. Well that doesn't really work for a stay at home mom of 2 active boys!!!! Sorry...had to vent there for a second.

Today Caleb is upset because I can't read him stories and Noah keeps telling me "no talk like that mama!".

It's a good thing that they both know sign language (thank you Alex and Leia!!) and LOVE TV because that's what saved my day...well at least part of it. And did I mention I am supposed to sing at our church's 4 services this weekend?

Every time I loose my voice I think about how I should be slow to speak and slow to get angry. Hum...maybe God is trying to get my attention today. It's only when I don't have a voice that I realize how much I do talk! IT IS SO HARD TO KEEP QUIET!!! :-)

I still have so much to learn and grow in this area. Even today while whispering around our home, I noticed how most of what I want/try to say it's not necessarily wise or prudent. So that's my prayer today...that once I do get my voice back I will use it to praise and lift up others and not tear them down.

Thank you God for my voice...that I will get back in your perfect timing. May my heart always be filled with praise and rejoice in you, even when my voice cannot.

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Jennifer said...

We saw Brad at church on Saturday night. I hope you feel better soon!!