October 19, 2007

This week...

...we learned all about Homes.

Things we talked about :
  • types of homes (apartments, houses, motor homes, etc.)

  • what are houses made of and how were houses from long ago different from now
  • do animals have homes? what are they? what are their homes for?

  • what makes our home special?

  • what are the values of our home? how are we to treat each other at home? how are we to treat visitors/special guests in our home?

Books we read:

  • Anybody at Home? by H.A. Rey The boys loved this little flap book. It describes many animals homes (hive, hole, burrow, tree/nest, shell, zoo cage).

  • Homes and Houses...Then and Now This Usborne Flap book gives a great introduction to how people lived long ago. On each page double page it shows a comparison between now and then.

  • Home This is a book from the Usborne Look and Say collection. Noah loved to spot things you can find at home with this book.

  • Hush Little Ones by John Butler. This was our bedtime story for the week. Portrays many animals in their habitat getting ready to sleep. Shows were and how each animal sleeps. Beautiful illustrations.

  • If Jesus came to my house by Joan Thomas One of my favorite BFIAR titles. I included this book with the week's theme to reinforce home values such as kindness, gentleness, care, love, friendship, etc.

  • Building a House by Byron Barton This was a fun book to read and for the boys to see for the first time how much work it's involved in building a house. It introduced them to many workers too (electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter, moving crew, etc.)

Activities we enjoyed:

  • We pointed out difference in the houses/apartment buildings on our neighborhood. There's a house being remodeled in our block so we stopped by one afternoon to watch the workers.

  • We acted out ways to welcome guests into our home and being kind with others.

  • We searched for animals homes (we found a squirrel's hollow, a bird's nest, snake hole, spider's web)

  • We read and talked about John 14:2 where Jesus speaks of our heavenly home
  • We talked about the values of our home and family (obedience, truthfulness, kindness, diligence, reverence and thankfulness)
  • We built houses with our wooden blocks and lincoln logs.

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Jennifer said...

That's such a neat idea!! You're doing a great job with the boys and it shows!