November 01, 2007


Just 21 days till Thanksgiving Day and in two weeks we will be doing our very first lapbook!!! We are going to use the "Turkey Time" lapbook from Hands of a Child and I will be adding a few other things to it. We are going to read some thanksgiving day books and watch a short movie about William Bradford. And of course we are going to play games and memorize some scripture together.

I can't wait to post here our pictures of the lapbook and our fun Thanksgiving week!

This week I am reading Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey. A wonderful book with lots of insight into the lives of the pilgrims, their dangerous voyage and their first years in the new world.

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CandaceC said...

Hi there! Your boys are so beautiful! I enjoyed reading through your blog today! And I love the song The Stand, too, we do that one at church! :)

Candace (FIAR)