December 12, 2007

5 Things To Do on a Snowy Day-part 1

For the past week we've been having lots of snowy/drizzly/freezing rain days so here's the list of the top 5 things that saved our days (and kept mom's mental healthy intact...or almost).

READ, READ, READ and READ books: our favorite "snow" books in no particular order

This BFIAR title is one of our favorites! We read it all year around, snow or no snow. Follow Peter on his snowy day adventures. Your little ones will be imitating him in no time.

Another FIAR title that's a favorite at home (aren't they all?). Katy is a powerful tractor who is known for her mighty rescue jobs in the town of Geopolis and this time around she will face the BIG SNOW. Can Katy save the day??

This Usborne Books titles is a great companion to any snow unit. It explains what makes it snow, where animals take shelter, animals tracks in the snow and more.

A classic story of the animals in the woods and the people who saves them from the big snow. There is a free unit study for this book at homeschoolshare.

Froggy is determined to play in the snow, after mom's advice to go back to sleep since that's what frogs are supposed to do in the winter. While getting dressed, he forgets to put some of the clothing and has to come back into the house for them. First his pants, then his shirt and coat and then...well you'll have to read it to find out. Really funny book!

We found this title at the thrift store one day and the boys enjoyed it a lot. It follows a snowy day in a town. Meet the Farmer, the Postman, the Policeman and his Wife as they go on their duties in the snowy winter.

Another cute Usborne book from their "touchy-feely" collection. My 2 year old (Noah) loves this book. Good for vocabulary building on little ones.

Do some fun crafts. Here's 3 simple ones we did that the boys really enjoyed....

"Snow Paint" (using equal parts of water & epsom salts). It looks a lot better than in this pictures but when the water/salts dry on the paper, it forms shinny crystals. Idea taken from Hands of a Child's "Christmas Cheer" project packet.

Paper Snowflakes (cut out a large circle, fold in half and then fold in half again. Then cut triangles and ovals all around) Idea taken from "Usborne's Christmas Things to Make & Do
Snowman Puppets (the boys colored them and we punch out holes for their fingers) Patterns from Hands of A Child's "Christmas Cheer" project pack.
For free snow craft templates, as well as printable coloring pages and worksheets go here.


Get active: jump, dance, do games, play hide and seek

Check out more snow themed activities here.


Watch a new movie....or an old favorite

And for #1..... will have to wait until tomorrow because I still need to upload the pictures!

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laurasbookshop said...

I'm so glad to see your list of snowy books and winter weather activities to do with kids. I am a former teacher and sell Usborne books online so, obviously, am a huge fan of Usborne and books in general. Have you tried any of the Usborne activity books? Vacation Things to Make and Do is jam-packed with activities for the whole year. If you need/want other recommendations, I'd be glad to help out! (And I loved your Christmas music and countdown until Christmas!). Merry Christmas!