December 04, 2007

December Plans

Here's what's happening at our preschool this month.

This week...

We started listening to Christmas music and designated a wall in our home where we will display the Christmas art the boys will do this month.

Our memory verse for the month (from children's ministry at church) is "And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world". 1 John 4:14

We also did a paper chain to countdown the days till Christmas and taped it to a star that reads "Jesus is born".

Next week...

we start a 2-3 weeks focus on different aspects of Christmas time. We will be working on our second lapbook from Hands of a Child, "Christmas Cheer". They suggests completeing it in 5 days but I am expanding it to 10 to incorporate our read-aloud and activities.

  • Day 1: Wintertime/snow
  • Day 2: Snow
  • Day 3: Decorations (Tree, Wreath, lights)
  • Day 4: Santa Claus (we don't celebrate Santa coming on Christmas Eve but do want the boys to know about this tradition)
  • Day 5: St. Nicholas (the real Santa)
  • Day 6: Reindeer/bells
  • Day 7: Treats-Candy Cane
  • Day 8: Treats-Gingerbread Man/House
  • Day 9: Carols
  • Day 10- Carols

We will choose every week a different account of the birth of Jesus to read from Scripture. Can't wait to start! Now I just have to gather the books and materials we will use.... ;-)

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CB said...

Great plans! Its fun to read of like-minded schools ... I'm combining Charlotte, Ruth (need to get more organized in the language arts aspect) and literature too. :)

Preschool is such a fun time to homeschool ... and is why we are homeschooling this year! We did FIAR with my daughter last year for preschool, while my oldest son was in kindergarten at a private school. We enjoyed our homeschool so much it was a big reason why we chose to homeschool our oldest this year.

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