December 05, 2007

Pre-k talk

Oh, the wonderful things my preschoolers say and do!
Enjoy these recent accounts from our household.

    New Band-Aid

    A few weeks ago Noah came running out of the bathroom with a pantyliner on his arm and says: "Mama, mama! I found a big band-aid for my arm!" Then he runs around the house with a big smile telling Dad and Caleb "Look at my band-aid!".

Facebook Moment

I walk into the living and see Caleb dancing to Veggie Tales music. He turns towards me and says: "Hurry, get the camera! You need to put this dance I'm doing on Facebook!"

Polite Boy

  • Caleb tells Noah, while playing with his train set: "Excuse me Noah, could you please go poo-poo somewhere else?? I am playing here and cannot concentrate with the smell." Sweet Noah just walks away quietly to get mama to change his diaper.

  • Brotherly Love

Me (while changing Noah's diaper): You know Dad...I think instead of having another child we should adopt one who's already potty trained. I don't know if I can do this with another child.

Caleb (who was quietly playing near by): No, Mom! I love Noah please don't give him away!! He's my brother! Don't switch him for a new child!

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Cornelius said...

that's great, they are funny!