January 17, 2008

The KUMON way

I am going to spend the next few posts sharing about other things we use at home that we LOVE.

And today is KUMON workbooks!

Let me clarify that I am not crazy about loading preschoolers with worksheets (where they have to "color blue the BIG house" or "circle all the letter B" type of sheets) BUT these are something else.

What the boys love about Kumon....

  • Fun Mazes (Easy Mazes, First Book of Mazes, Amazing Mazes)

  • Fun Activity Books (cutting, folding, pasting, coloring

What Mom loves about Kumon...

  • the boys fine motor skills have improved so much with these books! Caleb's pencil control is great, his cutting is very smooth & his sitting time span has grown.

  • It's allowing them to have some fun quiet table time with very little help from mom.

  • They think it's part of playtime!!

  • Amazon has them as part of their Buy 3 get 1 Free plus free shipping!

  • The paper quality is excellent and it changes depending of the type of activity they are doing. The cutting paper is the best!

The company websites has lot of sample pages. Our top books are: First Book of Tracing, Easy Mazes, Cutting, Let's Sticker & Paste and Amazing Mazes

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Jennifer said...

Although I have a while to go, I can't wait to do this stuff with Kaiya!! :o)