January 10, 2008

L is for Lion

After our holiday break I had a hard time starting school again, so I decided to ask Caleb to choose an animal that we wanted to learn about and we will focus all our our learning for the week on it.

He chose LION. So I improvised a week of learning with lions as our topic. And here's some of the fun stuff we did and learned.

Books we read

Dandelion (free unit ideas at

Bible Reading

Daniel 6 (the story of Daniel & the lion's den)

Talked about Jesus the "Lion of Judah" and what that means


patterns from

Painted Lion paperplate (Caleb wanted only 1 whisker ;-)

Toilet paper roll lions (there turned out so cute!)
Caleb's Lion Drawing (we followed the lesson from Usborne's "I Can Draw Animals")

Lion & the lamb coloring page

For fun...

On Monday we had beautiful 60 degrees weather in Chicago so what a better way of ending our lion fun than by going to see the lions at the zoo? So that's what we did!

Here's my favorite picture

Lion's facts from

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Molly said...

Cute ideas! I love Dandelion!