January 24, 2008

A post about my husband

I've been thinking about my husband today and what a blessing he is to me and the boys. I have not really spend a lot of time talking about him here (sorry honey!) and he might be feeling a bit left behind.

The truth he is such a HUGE part of everything we do at home and my homeschooling entire motherhood experience would be soooooo different if he wasn't here!

He is our family leader, spiritual guide, peacemaker, math teacher, silly-dances daddy, favorite singer ( I know this one is hard to believe if you know me!), photographer, hair stylist, laundromat, pretend play-pal, instructor and much, much more.

Above all I love how he models the love of Jesus to us. And how he is growing and becoming more like him.

I'm so thankful we can journey together and grow in our love for God, for each other and our family.


Bradley said...

Hi honey,

Thank you for this blog entry. I enjoy reading your blog as long as they are 25 words or less or about me.
One of the reason I so desire to grow in Christ is because I have been challenge in seeing you grow into a godly, beautiful wife. You keep it up.

God has blessed us so much. Jesus is more than enough, yet He gave us each other and to keep us humble, He gave us Caleb and Noah.

I love you.


Lifesong... said...

Just stopping on by through the FIAR blog ring. I really enjoyed my time here on your blog!

Then what really melted my heart was seeing your sweet dh's comment. How wonderful!

Kristina (in Orlando)

Jennifer said...

Brad has been a wonderful friend and mentor to Cornelius....I know I really appreciate him as well!!

Cornelius said...

I love brad, too. He is a great person and a great friend. I love him as my brother. HE IS THE BEST MAN I KNOW. God Bless him!