January 29, 2008

V is for Valentine

For Valentine's Day week we are going to combine 2 units from Homeschoolshare.

"Cranberry Valentine" & "The Valentine Bears".

I am planning to include a lapbook combining both stories, crafts, cooking and of course make our own Valentine Cards!! Can't wait to get started!

We will be spending Valentine's Day in Puerto Rico with my family and it would be exciting for grandma to "row" with us that week.

Also, my Dad's birthday is on Feb 14th so the boys will get to make a special gift for "Abuelo Jim".

My family name is "Valentin" so I am planning to tie this into our discussion that week since the boys don't know that yet. ;-)

1 comment:

L said...

We are doing Cranberry Valentne also!!! and I just got the book "Valentine is" by Gail Gibbons... Hope you have a great time in Puerto Rico...
Happy Valentines Day!!!
LisaW in TN