February 10, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Molly so here it goes.

7 Random Things About Me

#1 As a child I wanted to be an astronaut and a translator to the United Nations...I did manage as an adult to become bilingual (working on a third one) and I do "space out" a lot these days.

# 2 I LOVE to make lists and schedules....I rarely follow them.

#3 Music is a HUGE part of my life....but I am not a hard core fan of any band, singer, style of music. I have a new favorite all the time.

#4 I've experienced 2 huge hurricanes in my life....very scary!

#5 I am a is my husband.

#6 I am guilty of "yo-yo" the past 4 years I've gone up and down and back again 5 different sizes.

#7 Noise really bothers me...I cannot concentrate when there's too much noise...ironically I talk loud and laugh loud. ;-) it goes... I tag...HEATHER, JENNIFER, KATE, CELIA, ERICA, JANELLE, LISA


Heather said...

Fun learning more about you! Off to blog since you tagged me! :) Read the vacation story and so glad even though your start was bumpy you are having a good time now! ;)

Heather said...
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