March 26, 2008

Easter Lapbook

Here are some pictures from our Easter lapbook. It's based on the story "The Legend of the Easter Egg". Lesson and lapbook printouts are from here.

I don't know why some of the pictures are so dark...can't seem to get a good shot of my lapbooks lately...grrrr!

We did not use all the components on the lesson (maybe we will do the rest next year!) so it took only 1 file folder, instead of 2.

Some of the things we added were: for the weather flap book we glued a picture of each type of weather instead of writing about it. We also added a pocket with color cards (crimson & scarlet). They don't look too good on the pictures but they are actually really cute and accurate. We used oil pastels and practiced many, many times to make the colors on white paper before making the card. ;-) For crimson we used red and 2 tones of blue. For scarlet we used red with a little orange.
On the back we added Caleb's egg shell artwork.

1 comment:

Jolanthe said...

Look at you with PICTURES of hail and freezing rain! :) Love that.

We were lucky enough a few days before we started our lapbooks to actually have hail, so the kids got an object lesson. :)