March 18, 2008


True story...

Last Sunday the boys were spending sometime at grandma's house with Brad. The boys had found the perfect "toy" to keep them safely busy (or at least that's what Brad thought).

They were playing with those small Styrofoam piece for packing shipments They were flying them all over the living room under the TV, piano, etc. This is the type of game that they LOVE but can only play when mom is not around!

Brad was in the room next door and all of sudden he hears the boys say "" over and over again but on a normal voice volume; so he just thought it was part of their game.

My brother-in-law walks into the room and says "What's that smell? Something is burning". By this point Brad had started to smell it too. So he walks to the basement stairs and the boys start saying "daddy, daddy, fire, fire!" pointing at the staircase light. Brad could see the smoke coming out of the light bulb and he thought it must have been some burned wires.

But as he gets closer to the light he noticed these small black burned was those Styrofoam pieces!! The boys were having a blast throwing them at the light as if it was a basketball net. LOL!!

Brad: "Why didn't you tell me there was a fire?" Caleb: "Dad, we were telling you there was a fire but you wouldn't come!" Brad: "Next time make sure you run to dad and SHOUT FIRE. Now let's go clean up Lola's living room".

THANK YOU LORD that nothing happened!

So....lessons my husband learned that day...
#1 when your kids say "fire" don't assume it's just part of their playtime...go check!
#2 Styrofoams and heat are not a good match.
#3 Kids can turn any innocent game into an emergency!
#4 Not everything that looks like a good toy is a good toy
#5 Even when the whole incident was very scary, it could have been a lot worst. We were not upset with the boys. We actually thought it was very funny. So if this happens to you...keep it cool. Accidents happen and we all learned from them, right?


Sheri said...

Phew! Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Molly said...

So glad to hear everyone is Ok!

Heather said...

Oh goodness! Glad it was okay! :)