March 24, 2008

The legend of the easter egg-part 2

We had a great time with the Easter Eggs unit. Every morning last week we read the story, practiced our Bible verses followed by the activities below. We ended our school time by putting together some of the lapbook components.

Day one: see previous post here.

Day two: talked about Communion (read passage on Mark 14:22-24) and the symbol of the Easter egg. We also watched some fun clips of eggs hatching.

Day three: reviewed the vocabulary words with the lapbook component; learned how to read "noon" on the clock; talked about freezing rain & hail and looked up images (google) of both. We printed some of these images to add to our lapbook.

Day four: all about eggs! We did our "eggs-periments" (the boys loved to spin the eggs, try cracking them and watching the vinegar make them soft). We also learned the parts of a raw egg and decorated a cross with painted egg shells.

Day five: We made our Easter Eggs!

I'll be posting the lapbook pictures next...

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