March 17, 2008

The Legend of the Easter Egg

This week we will be reading "The Legend of the Easter Egg" and using the lessons plan from HSS.

Today we read the story. We introduced the memory verses for the week Luke 24:6 & Isaiah 1:18.

We talked about Good Friday and Easter and what we celebrate on each day.

We learned about the colors "crimson" and "scarlet" and practiced mixing oil pastels to make these colors.

We sang "Jesus Paid it all"

So glad this unit was posted just in time for Easter! Lots of fun activities planned for this week. I'll be posting the lapbook pictures when completed.


Jolanthe said...

what a great idea mixing paints. :)I'd love to see the pictures of your lapbook when it's done, so post a comment when you do. :)


Tiffany Stuart said...

Happy Easter!

Found you because I was looking for an Easter egg story in google.

He is risen!

Elinette said...

Jolanthe, I just posted the pictures! Thank you for preparing this unit.