April 03, 2008

It's working!

I am so happy with "Handwriting Without Tears" (HWT)! Caleb has improved so much on his handwriting and with the help of the wonderful capital letters wood pieces and the "wet-dry-try" method he can recall now the correct sequence of strokes for each letter!

There's nothing like looking into my little boys and see the smile on their faces and spark in their eyes when they know they "got it"!

Today we played our first "Mystery Letter Game". I had Caleb draw a line on his white board and I call out a letter from the "jump frog letters" for him to write ( I know some of this won't make sense if you have not seen the program).

When Noah saw us playing, he ran to his room to get his white board and guess what??? he can write the letters too!

We give HWT two big thumbs up!

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TaraLynn said...

Ely! We also love HWOT!! Wet Dry Try was the only way Jaydon was able to learn the pincer grasp! Great blog. I have gleaned so much amazing information from you already. You are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for sharing your journey.