May 12, 2008

The Carrot Seed Lapbook

We finished our lapbook for The Carrot Seed. The printouts are from the HSS site. You can find them here.

For the cover the boys used carrot tops dipped in orange, red, brown and yellow paint.
Here's the inside view. (Carrots sizes, pocket with words that start with C, poem, what plants needs to grow, vegetables book, seed growth, bible verse, & what is orange)
We used this dot to dot activity for the back of the lapbook.

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6:8 blog said...

What a fun week! I'll admit I'm a little jealous that you get to do B4FIAR again. Sadly, I missed it with my last 2. :o(

6:8 blog said...

Ooops, forgot I was signed in under 6:8, it's Molly from the FIAR boards. :o)

Elinette said...

It's funny you said that because I can't wait to get in the " real" FIAR units with my boys!

fredsgirl said...

We, my boys and I, are doing this lapbook and I came aross your blog - cute idea with the paint! Actually, I have 3 boys: My oldest is Caleb and my youngest is Noah - strange huh!?
I'm been trying to find your dot-to-dot activity. Where did you find it? Is there a link?


Gena at said...

Very cute! My kids are going to do this one now. :)