May 05, 2008

Preschool Activity Bags Swap

For the past few weeks I have been working on coordinating a Preschool Activity Bags Swap. Each mom prepared 20 bags of the same activity and then swapped to receive 20 different ones!

Last Friday was our swap day and I am so thankful to these moms for committing to do this and for their hard work. The bags turned out great and my little ones are already enjoying them very much! I hope it will be a blessing to their families.

This was my first time coordinating a swap and it does take some time and organization but I would definitely do it again.

We used the book 1 of Preschool Activities in a Bag. The guide comes with everything you need to get the swap going so that made things a lot easier.

Here's how we are using the bags....

I'm dividing the bags in groups of 5 (4 groups) and each group of 5 will be next to our school table for 2 weeks in a row. We will use the bags when I need the boys to have an extra sitting time, work on dinner or when I need Noah to be busy (doing something other than watching TV) while I work on phonics and handwriting with Caleb.

This way the boys will be doing new activities every two weeks for 2 months! So far Noah is holding up to 25 minutes working on one bag. He thinks they are so fun and has no idea he's actually developing very important preschool skills!


Heather said...

How fun!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


I noticed your great blog and the wonderful photos of from your Activity Bag swap! My name is Sherri MacLean, one of the authors of Preschool Activities in a Bag - and we would love to post your photos on our web site. We are searching for swap photos to post on our site. If that would be okay with you, could you please email me any photos you have to Thanks you so much in advance!


Sherri :)
"Where fun and education fit in the same bag."