August 27, 2008

5 Minute Devotions

This summer we had so much fun doing this devotions book I just had to share it here.

It's great for kids 3-6. Each day features a double page spread devotion with an animal for the day and talks a little about their behavior (I learned some amazing facts I didn't know) and how God made it special.

Then it relates the animal behaviors to ours (we sooo can be like animals, don't you think??).
The devotion includes simple questions for the child to recall what he learned and always ends with a good "why" question and a Bible verse that lead to prayer.

Here's an excerpt...

If you see hippos yawning in a slow moving African river, you might think it is a friendly and lazy animal. But you would be mistaken! Armed with long, razor sharp teeth, the hippo is one of the most dangerous African animals. What makes it so dangerous is its temper....Some people can have nasty tempers like hippos...they hurt others...they use angry words...Why do you think God wants us to control our tempers? What kinds of things make you angry? What can you do with your feelings so that you don't hurt others? Bible Verse: "A fool gives full vent to anger, but a wise person quietly holds it back" Proverbs 29:11 (NLT)

The illustrations are beautiful and comic. We learned about patient penguins, selfish birds, playful otters, busy ants, sensitive bats, caring gorillas, happy cranes, friendly oxpeckers, aardvarks, geese, meerkats and many more.

If you love nature and animals you will enjoy reading this to your little ones. And they will learn so much about the animals and godly character at the same time. Great for morning devotion or circle time.

The older edition is 2 separate volumes with hardcover and spiral bound. The new combined volume is cheaper but so it's the binding.

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Matt and Shara said...

Ooh, I'll have to remember that title when my little one gets to that age. My mom did something similar with my brother and I when we were little, though I'm sure it was a different book, and it was so much fun. You're such a great mom! :)