August 05, 2008

Family update and our new home

Well time has passed and I still have not given an update on what's going on down here so here's answers to common questions...

Yes, we closed in our home! Thank you Lord! We were able to close Tuesday after the expected closing day. We were able to postpone our appointment with the movers so Brad had enough time to fly back to Chicago and meet them.

They picked up our things on Thursday of that week (2 weeks ago) and that same day in the afternoon Brad traveled back (driving our van this time) to Houston. His trip went very well considering he was by himself this time.

He rested for one night in Memphis and then was back on the road Friday morning and arrived here in the evening. (A side note from Brad...if you are ever in Memphis...DO NOT stay on West Memphis area!...choose East Memphis....better looking and SAFE...hehe.)

Since then, we've been busy getting appliances, cleaning our home, learning how to drive around, etc. Brad even got to try mowing the lawn for the first time. He did well considering it was 100 degrees outside!

We are still waiting for the movers to arrive with our things. They were basically ignoring our calls for about a week but they finally gave us a deadline of this Wednesday for their delivery so we hope and pray that they show up!

Otherwise...I will be getting to know all the thrift stores in the area very well....haha.

Some have asked to see our home so here's some pictures of God's provision to our family.

Still more answers to come like how are we coping with the weather? what's up with the hurricanes? how are the boys adjusting? when do we get to live in our new home? how does Brad likes his job? Are we still homeschooling? what do we think of Houston now that we are here? how's the church hunt going?

If the storm doesn't cut our internet access I will try to answer these this afternoon.


Sheri said...

Oh how lovely! I hope the movers show up soon!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your house!!!! It's so beautiful! I hope we get to come and visit some day!

Cornelius said...

I love you guys. We are praying for you. The house looks great!

Natalie said...

The house looks great! What a lot of room!

Matt and Shara said...

Your new home is gorgeous! I love how the kitchen is so open to the family room, and Matt is in love with your backyard. :) Hope you start to feel "settled" soon...we unboxed everything pretty quickly, but it took us a while to get things put in their place (and we still have quite a few things just sitting around...not sure where to put them yet!) So glad to have found your blog!