August 05, 2008

Keeping the boys active and cool

I have to say that the boys are coping with the HOT weather much better than I thought. We do get hot days in Chicago but here we are getting hot weeks and weeks with no breaks in between.

We are now learning that the best time to go outside to play is before 10 am and after 6:30 pm. Every time in between is too hot for them to stay out for more than 5 minutes!!

Since we are still staying with Brad's brother and his family the boys are loving having the company of their dog Buster. So every morning they go outside to play with him in the yard.

If we can drive to our home early in the morning they get to enjoy the yard there too. The previous owners left us a sandbox and a trampoline!!

Our way to the new home is a bit long and tiring for all of us since we've been driving back and forth for many days now to meet installers, delivery guys and do cleaning. On our way there we always take the back roads (services roads), instead of the highways (tolls are so expensive here!!!) and this gives the boys a chance to pass by many ranches, constructions zones, factories and a few very long freight trains!...definitely, more interesting to them than long-empty highways, right???

We also get to enjoy evening playtime at the nearby long as we don't forget to put on bug repellent! LOL!!

Our subdivision has a pool but due to a little cut Noah has on his eye lid we won't be able to enjoy it until he gets better (he's ok...nothing too serious but he can't get that area too wet for now).

What about indoors??? This part of the day has taken more creativity. It's been difficult to keep up with any type of routine for now (Caleb needs this so much!) and I need to keep my eyes on Noah at almost all times since he loves to explore places and things in the home that are not his belongings.

Thankfully there's TV AND TIVO here! LOL!! So I've been able to record "Little Einstein" for them to watch (their new favorite show). There's also Wii here! The boys are now hooked on it and part of me wishes they have not learned to play video games yet but has kept my sanity...hehe.

We play lots of board games too. No formal school for now but we are still doing some Kumon workbooks. Caleb is working on "Amazing Mazes" & "Pasting" and Noah is working on "Let's Color 2", "First Book of Mazes" and "Let's Cut".

For our read loud we are using 2 story anthologies that I took from the Sonlight curriculum: "The 2oth Century Children's Book Treasury" & "A Family Treasury of Little Golden Boooks" (I love combining old stories with new ones!). We are also working oral exercises for logic with this book by The Critical Thinking Company: "Can you find me?". Most pages are a bit challenging for Noah but he enjoys it nevertheless and challenging enough for Caleb. Fun and engaging and it's teaching them problem solving. Great resource! I'll probably post a more detailed review of this title.

We've also got a few "Pump it Up" type of places very near us so we've gone there a few times. And we have a huge outlet-type mall less than 20 minutes away from our home (think Gurnee Mills...but much nicer inside...hehe). It's really beautiful and I know once we are moved into our new home we will go here a lot.

I am waiting to tour around Houston (museums, malls, zoo, NASA, etc.) until kids go back to school (one of those nice things about homeschooling is that you can go anywhere, anytime without having to deal with long lines and crowded places).

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Jennifer said...

Okay, I know you haven't been gone for that long, but it seems like the boys are just growing so quickly! :-)