August 25, 2008

our plan for the new school year-GENTLE and FUN

With our recent move and a new baby coming in January my plans for the year have changed a bit. I've decided to go a bit more structured and combining different resources.

Caleb's Kindergarten:

Phonics: Reading Made Easy (started last Spring-2 lessons per week and review)
Penmanship: Handwriting Without Tears K (started last Spring-one line per day)
Math: Horizons Math-Level K (alternate between workbook and manipulatives)

Noah's Preschool:

Before Five in a Row (Caleb will join in some of these)
Kumon Workbooks
Preschool Activity Bags
Handwriting Without Tears (Wood pieces, slate and cards only)


Lots of read-alouds (too many to mention here)
Bible: Big Truth for Little Children plus Bible time with dad
Spanish vocabulary
Art: A Child's Book of Art, I can Draw Animals, I can Draw People
Science: Science Play! (fun experiments), nature walks, bird watching
Geography: Simple unit studies on their heritage countries (USA, Puerto Rico & Philippines)
Music: 19th century composers (Saint-Saenz, Mendelssohn & Tchaikovsky) and Hal Leonard's Piano Book #1

I think that's it! Sounds like a lot???
School is only 4 days a week for one hour in the morning. In the afternoon we do a "table time" where they are free to choose a hands-on activity to work on (puzzles, play-doh, lacing, coloring, painting, etc.).

We will not cover all subjects everyday...except for Caleb's reading and writing.


God Gave Us Girls said...

You go girl! Rock on! Thanks for sharing. I take it you decided not to go with Five in a Row this year. If you get time, I'm curious to know why not.

Praying for you all. Are you half way yet?? Any news to share?? We'll have to visit Harvest Houston one day!

Love and hugs,

Jennifer said...

Okay, just keep this blog going for the next couple of years so I can pick up your homeschooling tips!! :-)