September 15, 2008

My Blue Boat Lapbook

We continued our summer units with "My Blue Boat" by Chris Demarest.
Our topics included mammals in the water (whales, dolphins), boats, ocean life and how do things float.
We used this simple lapbook from Homeschoolshare. I also added some clip art from the Usborne Children's Encyclopedia. This is an interned-linked encyclopedia with tons of images to download.

For the back of the lapbook Caleb painted this sailboat using watercolors.

The inside cover with middle flap. On the left are pictures of different types of boats (sail, motor, row). The front middle flap has animals on the ocean and pictures of dolphins and whale (we talked a lot about these animals).

Here's the inside of the "what is blue?" booklet.

Here's the inside of "animals in the ocean".

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