September 22, 2008

Pregnancy...23 weeks.

This is how I am looking these days. I'm around 23 weeks into the pregnancy and thankfully feeling very well (I have some minor back pain when doing house chores but I'll take that any day instead of morning sickness).
I've managed to gain only 15 pounds so far!! ( some of you know why this gets me now I think I had gain double that number in previous pregnancies).
I feel very blessed to hear my little boys talk about the plans they have with their baby sister...Caleb wants to read her books and make her laugh...and Noah wants to give her lots of kisses and teach her songs.
I am blessed to have a patient-loving husband who constantly chooses to bring peace and laughter to our home in the midst of my 'outbursts of emotions' (don't you like how that sounds?). I'm sure this is not his favorite part of me being pregnant but these days I am very emotional and sensitive about little things. But this too shall pass, right? Looking forward to my progesterone levels to return to normal. LOL!

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Cornelius said...

Hey, We are praying for you. You look great, that baby will be so lucky to have Godly parents who honor the Lord. Let us know how you are doing! ~Cornelius & Jennifer

God Gave Us Girls said...

Ely, you glow in these pictures! It is a joy to see your growing belly. Thanks for keeping up your blog and for all the inspiration. We are praying for you guys. Drop a line when you can. We'd love to know how Harvest Houston is doing.
Love and miss you, Julie and Roy