September 14, 2008

Yellow Ball

Our first summer unit from BFIAR was "Yellow Ball", by Molly Bang. The manual gives a great idea of doing some art with oil pastels and here's a picture of Caleb's art. Don't know why the picture is sideways but that blue/green part at the bottom is the ocean. :-)

During this time we were part of the library's summer reading program getting ready to receive our half way price. It just couldn't come at a better time...the price was a new BALL!! When it was time to choose the color for the ball, I suggested of course....YELLOW....right? Well who would want a different color after we spent a whole week reading about a yellow ball?? :-) Here's a picture of Noah with their new GREEN and RED balls. Mom, of course just let them enjoy their gift and did not insist on the yellow one. How could I? Look at that happy face!! ;-)

We also finished a simple lapbook from homeschoolshare. You can get the printouts here. For the cover we used clip arts cut and paste.

Here's the inside panel...

Inside the "what is yellow" mini book.

For the back of the lapbook we re-created the cover of the book using pieces of construction paper. The boys insisted the ball should be floating on the water and not bouncing up on the sky. ;-)

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