October 09, 2008

Fun with Corduroy

Our last bear story was Corduroy by Don Freeman.

The boys favorite activity to do with this story is to act it out. We took turns being Lisa (buying Corduroy and giving him a new button), Corduroy (hiding under the covers) and the night watchman at the store (with a flashlight, of course).

To finish our month of learning and fun with 'bears' I took the boys to purchase their own teddy bears!!

Since Lisa used money saved from her piggy bank we did the same. Here's Caleb grouping his coins from his piggy bank. I gave a total amount they could spend and used only quarters (easier for him to count). This ended up being a fun math lesson for him.

Then we drove to The Galeria Mall in Houston to get our bears from "Build-a-Bear" store. Noah insisted we take every escalator we passed (hey...I can use some extra walk these days).

Stuffing the bears

Kiss and jump start the little heart!!!

The boys bringing their new bears home.

Caleb took this picture of the new bears along with their bedtime puppies. From left to right: Corduroy, Angus, Oatmeal and Peanut Butter.

We had such a good time and I was glad to take a break at least for a little bit from trains, cars, dinosaurs and spiderman...but not for long...wanna guess what the new teddy bears are playing these days??...wrestling, diving from the bunkbed in "parachutes" and taking drives on top of Lightning McQueen! LOL!! But they still get tucked in bed at night next to their proud owners. ;-)

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PresleyFamily said...


Your blog is great! I loved browsing all the neat-o stuff you do with your boys! Best wishes on your new little one, too!