October 22, 2008

Katy No-Pocket

Last week our BFIAR adventure was Katy No-Pocket. What a sweet story about a mama kangaroo who has no pocket to carry her baby.

Some of our favorite things to do with this story...

  • Acting out the story (of course!). The boys took turn being the kangaroo and the man with the apron. We used one of their art aprons with many pockets and filled it up with their play hand tools. After the kangaroo kindly asks for the apron and the man dumps it upside down and gives it to her, she says thank you and hops back to the forest (room) to fill up her pockets with little stuffed animals.

  • Acting out how other animals carry their babies.

  • Practice hoping like a kangaroo. How far can we jump?

  • We also learned the names of all the hand tools with these cards from Homeschoolshare. I printed out 2 sets and we used them for a memory game. The boys loved this. They are still playing a week later. There's just something about boys and tools, right?

  • We also made these cute mama and baby kangaroo from here. I printed them on cardstock paper and it's still holding up pretty good. These kangaroos look much better and cuter than my pictures. It was just hard to get them out of my little ones just to take a picture. ;-) Thanks MarieD for sharing this link!

  • A simple and fun read along book for this story is "My Apron" by Eric Carle. There's also a Fold and Learn available for this story at the FIAR Digital Store that includes instructions to make your own apron!


Amy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!! I appreciate it :-)

It looks like you guys had fun rowing Katy No-Pocket! You have some awesome ideas on your blog.

Amy (from FIAR board)

Shannon said...

What fun you're having with BFIAR!
We love Katy No Pocket around here.

I didn't realize you're expecting - Congratulations!
Your boys are adorable, BTW!