October 27, 2008

Pregnancy: 29 weeks

Last Friday we celebrated my birthday by eating some yummy sushi at a Japanese restaurant in Houston (don't worry...I did not eat any raw stuff). I was thinking about how before my 30th birthday I will already have 3 children!! Wow...things really turned out to be very different than what I ever thought of but I'm so glad God is control. His ways and plans are higher and always better.

Part of me still cannot believe I am going to have a little girl. I can't wait for her to melt her daddy's heart!!

Everything seems to be going well. Last month I only gained 1 pound and my doctor suggested I should try to gain a little more than seems I took her advice very much to heart because this month I managed to put up 7 pounds...oh no!! No more cakes, chocolates and ice cream for me for the next 10 weeks!!

Fortunately my total weight gain so far is 22 pounds (typing this doesn't seem to give me much comfort but it's my attempt to come to terms with it), which means if I gain 1 pound per week from now on (instead of 2!) I should still be in the normal range. Turbo Jam...I am so looking forward to tackle you when this is over...

So there you have it...this is me now...with my added pounds and my fast growing belly. Thankfully, the boys and Brad still think I look pretty. :-)


Jennifer said...

You make a very cute pregnant lady!!!!

Amy said...

You look GREAT!!!

Candace C said...

Well, I think you look great!! Much smaller than I was at that point with #3, lol!! :)