December 04, 2008

Advent Activity

We've started our Advent countdown this week. We are opening a little gift everday till December 25 to remind us of the greatest gift of all...JESUS!

I purchased a packet of little gift bags at the dollar store and fill them up with small treats and toys and also a Bible verse to read together. Each little 'gift' has something to do with the verse. This was so easy and inexpensive to put together and the boys are looking forward to it every morning.
This will definitely become a new Christmas tradition in our home.

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Sheri said...

Now that is an advent activity that wouldn't get left by the wayside on a busy day! Great idea!

Jennifer said...

Wow...great idea to keep the focus on Jesus!! I need to start taking notes! :-)

Heather said...

We do the same thing!! ;)