July 18, 2008

After 1,000 miles and 22 hours of driving...we are now in Houston!

It's 4:30 am and I'm awake so I thought I give an update on how things are going...

Our packing was done by Monday...praise the Lord!! Not all things were perfectly packed like I would have liked and I also packed things that I should have my wedding rings and watch!!! GRRR! But were very happy for this process to be done.

We left Chicago on Monday night and drove about 9 hours to Memphis, TN. The boys slept all the way so that was a great blessing. Brad and I took turns driving (well...I drove about 3 hours Brad did the rest!). We drove through Illinois, Missouri and parts of Arkansas and all the way through what did we see???? Yes, farmland! Well it's good to know there are still parts of the US where no new home developments have been built, right. hehe

We spent all day Tuesday in Memphis, went to Mud Island and had a fun time there with the boys relaxing by the Mississippi river (did I spell that right?). We rented a hotel mostly so that Brad could catch up on some deprived sleep time for the past week, while the boys and I enjoyed the pool and went out for ice cream. We slept a few hours in the hotel and after that headed out for our second night of driving through Arkansas and Texas. The view even at night was spectacular here. We drove over 2 hours through beautiful woodlands...super tall trees. Would love to see that again on daylight and awake! hahaha!

Well, apparently my choice of food on Taco Bell for dinner was the wrong one because by midnight on Wednesday my stomach was not happy and I spent the entire day of Wednesday with vomits..yuck! Food poison and pregnant...not a good combination. Thankfully I am ok now!

This second driving night was very hard with me not feeling well and Brad looking more like a zombie than man (I love you honey, but you looked really scary that night!) due to lack of sleep once again. But we made it!! We arrived in the Houston area by noon on Wednesday.

Right now we are staying with Brad's brother in Pearland, TX. The boys have already enjoyed the pool near their home and so far are handling the heat pretty good. Oh yeah, did I mentioned is HOT here??

Yesterday (Thursday) we drove with Brad's family to the Golf of Mexico (just 1 hour away...maybe less). Just beautiful! Some of you know how much I love the beach. No offense, Chicagoans...this was a real beach with seashells and crabs and seaweed. hahaha! No white sands but it will do fine for us. The boys had a blast and even when my stomach was still very sore and was not able to enjoy anything grilled there I was glad to come along.

In the afternoon we did our final walk-thru in our home. We got to meet the sellers and ask them a bunch of questions.

Some prayer requests...

#1 Please pray that our closing will be done no later than Monday. It's scheduled for tomorrow but apparently our bank is not ready yet.

Brad needs to fly back to Chicago no later than Tuesday, so that he can meet the movers in our old place. Then he will drive (yes, again) our van back to Houston. He needs to be back here at least by Friday so that he can help me unpack some stuff before starting his new job the following Monday the 28th.

#2 Please pray for Brad. All this driving and not sleeping is not good for him. Pray for supernatural strenght through all of this and that this weekend he can get some good sleep in preparation for the week ahead.

I think that's about it for now. A lot more to be done ahead but we are trusting in our Lord. We have been so overwhelmed by the many prayers, help and love from our family and friends through this time of change and new beginnings.

Our Lord is worthy to be praised!

July 03, 2008

Family Update

So much has been going on in our family and I've had very little time to blog but here are the latest updates...

#1 I'm pregnant. Many of you know this already but just in case you didn't. Brad and I are excited and blessed at this precious gift to us that was very unexpected but we know the Lord has perfect timing and we look forward to welcome the 5th member of the Butuyans. My due date is Jan 19 and so far I'm feeling great and the boys are very excited.

#2 It's official! We are moving to Houston, TX and much sooner than we thought!!

Brad and I have been praying about moving to Houston this coming fall but it looks like the Lord had other plans for us. Brad has submitted a liscence application to the state of Texas that was approved very fast and he was contacted by a rehab company 3 weeks ago. Since then he was in Houston twice for interviews with this and another company that he worked for in Chicago.

Brad has accepted a position in Houston that begins in July 21. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. We ask for your prayers as we seek to find a home for our family and pray for me as I get ready to pack our things in the few weeks we got left. Pray for our adjusting to this new season ahead and as we also look for a church family. As well, pray for me and my pregnancy will continue healthy.

We both feel very overwhelmed at God's provision to us. We have prayed earnestly for his wisdom and guidance on this and He has answered beyond what we imagined. This is truly the Lord's doing and it is marvelous to us just like the Psalmist declared.

We are going to miss our church family at Harvest but hope to be back regularly to visit since we leave family and friends behind.

Last weekend we got a chance to be in the area looking for a home and visiting some churches. I will post here more updates as things move along.

As of now we are expecting to be in Houston-Sugarland area by the end of this month.