February 24, 2009

Foot Update-PRAISE!! with 2 preschoolers, an infant, minus one foot can be quite busy!! :)

I finally made time to write an update here on my foot.

A lot of positive things are happening....

#1 I continue to do physical therapy three times a week. I am receiving electrical stimulation in my foot and at every visit, the foot is moving and responding very well to the treatment. It is very strange to see your foot "move" by itself!!

#2 A few days ago 2 of my toes began to move again!!!! This is very encouraging and even when I cannot walk yet and it might still take a long time, it indicate the nerves and muscles in my foot are healthy and seem to be waking up.

#3 We still don't have a diagnosis on what caused this but I am expected to do some blood work to continue our search.

PRAISE THE LORD for his faithfulness and his healing hand upon me. And THANK YOU for your prayers for our families. A lot of adjustments are still happening and I hope to blog soon about what the Lord is teaching me through this trial. Yet, we see the love and grace of our Lord over us every day and his grace has been over abundant with every new challenges I face. My soul is comforted on this and the love and prayers of all of you.

School has resumed in our home as well (yes, we are still homeschooling...) so I will hopefully find time to blog about it soon.


Ruth said...

I am so happy to hear this encouraging news! We continue to pray for you.


Grace Z. said...

Yay for toes!!!! :)
I can't believe you can still find time in the day to homeschool on top of everything else. You're wonder woman!

Sheryl said...

Praise the Lord! We were just thinking about you during lunch. I'll pass on the good news!

Amy said...

That is WONDERFUL news!! I am so happy to hear it!! I am still praying for you ((hugs))