February 11, 2009

In their words...

Some things my boys have said lately that put a smile on my face. Don't you love the way little kids think and talk??

Caleb: "Mami, will you play chess with me this afternoon? I rather play with you because Daddy is too much of a champion on chess. I like playing with you better. You are not so good on it".

Noah: "Mami, you know, when I grew up I am sooo glad I don't have to become a mom!"

Me: "And why is that, Noah?"

Noah: "Because moms have to work very, very hard. It's a lot of work to be a mom"

Caleb: "That's right Noah. God made you a boy so you don't have to worry about being a mom."

Noah: "Yeah, that's good. I rather become like daddy"

Caleb: "Mami, we need to start praying that Baby Sarah will come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior"

Me: "You are right, Caleb. We will pray for her"

Caleb: "Well let's do it right now!" (he kneels next to her pack n play and prays for his baby sister). "Jesus, I pray Sarah will come to know you and believe in you and that she will love to go the church and will learn a lot Bible verses".


Ruth said...

I loved reading those stories. Kids do say the funniest things. :)

Sheryl said...

Thank you for posting these. Kids are such joy. It's great to see the world through their eyes!