April 13, 2009

Nature Learning: Butterfly Haven

Last month we ordered a caterpillars kit from Insect Lore. How easy and fun was to do this!! And the boys spent so much time observing the little creatures turn into beautiful butterflies.

If you've never done this at home, you should give it a try. It's very inexpensive and practically effortless. The kit came with a net home and a coupon to order your caterpillars. Our order came in about 2 weeks and had 5 Painted Lady caterpillars inside. The jar comes with food and everything so you just watch them grow.

This is how small they were (hope I had a closer shot...but you can click on the images to see a larger size).
It took just a few days for all the caterpillar to hand upside down from the jar and form their chrysalides. They stayed like this for 8 days. We transferred them to the net-home at this point.
And here's a shot of one of the pretty painted lady. All 5 of them turned into butterflies!!
After 3 days of watching them and feeding them flowers and orange slices, it was time to release them. If you click on this picture you will see one of the butterflies taking off. ;-)
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Robin said...

Way cool. Great picture catching one taking flight.