April 14, 2009

Nature walks by the pond

Now that I am able to WALK (thank you Jesus!!), one of the things I want to start doing again with the kids is nature walks. We enjoyed doing these in the past and since we have a pond just minutes from our home, I've decided we will visit it regularly to observe and point out differences in nature.

I asked the boys to look around and tell mom when they spot something that interest them. Caleb pointed out this tree. Isn't so beautiful how it is completely surrounded by water? It's just standing there tall, strong and green in the pond. Caleb will continue to observe this tree on each visit. If only I can find out that name of it!! Still working on it. Anyone knows??
Caleb also noticed the geese. It looked like they are mating. In fact, one of them chased Noah and I (very scary!) when we tried to get a bit closer to them. We think he was probably protecting the eggs (we didn't see the nest but it could have been somewhere near us).
Noah had a lot of fun picking up all different types of wild flowers. They are so beautiful this time of year. We all joined and here's some of our findings.
What a great way to spend a morning! There was rain in the forecast (hence the coats) but we were blessed to enjoy about 1 hour walking and watching. I LOVE days like these. ;-)
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Ruth said...

I love this post! I was just reading about nature walks today. How wonderful, and I'm so glad you are able to take the walk with your leg doing so much better. Praise the Lord!


PresleyFamily said...

Could the tree be a bald cypress? They grow in wet areas in the southern U.S. I'm from GA and there were always tons of them in the marshy areas that look similar.

Your family does have a beautiful backyard to enjoy!