June 19, 2009

Learning about Ants

After our bugs study, the boys wanted to learn more about ants so I surprised them with Ant Tunnel Works from Timberdoodle.

Overall I am very pleased with the purchase. The ants are still alive (except 2 of them) after more than a month now. The lid is sealed very well to prevent the ants to get out. Some of them did attempt to eat the seal, but still was not deep enough. I love the whole 3-D concept of the container and that we didn't need to get food for the ants.

We ordered our ants from Ants Alive. The ants were here in just a few days!! We got 24 Harvest Ants.

The boys enjoyed observing how the ants all did different things, how some slept while others worked, etc.
Homeschoolshare has a neat ants lapbook that I'm planning to print to do together this summer to review what we learned. I used the books recommended on the unit.

As an add-on activity I got the "Go to the Ant Chart" from Doorposts. And every day we talked a little bit about diligence. This was great!! I was surprised at how many areas of laziness and other issues my boys were aware of in their lives (and in mine too!!). We placed this chart next to our other Doorposts charts to review it often.

The ants on day one...

The ants on day 3! Look at all the tunnels they already started to make and look at that hill on top!

Ants on day 8!!

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Amy said...

We had an ant farm like that years back. It was so neat watching them!!!

Anonymous said...

The new gel ant farms are pretty cool. You can even now get them with led bases such as the antworks that makes them glow. Check out for some other ones. The glow one i like the best is the antworks Habitat with led base by fascinations.