July 14, 2009

Home from Chicago

Praise God! We arrived safely home this morning around 4am. It was a long drive and the last few hours seemed neverending, but we are thankful to be back home.

We had a blast in Chicago with friends and family. We did zero sight-seeing, did not visit downtown or the lake. Instead we decided to use our time there to be with people we love. ;-)

Brad and I were talking about how blessed we are to have blessed friends both here in Houston and in Chicago. During our stay, it was so encouraging to hear so many people say "we were praying for you during your trial", "we are still praying for you". What a beautiful gift! I was very overwhelmed by the love we experience through God's much more than we deserve!

So now...we are ready to get back into a routine...time to unpack...our lawn needs some TLC...time to resume my workout schedule...our summer school with the boys begins next week. ;-)

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Jennifer said...

It was great to see you guys! We miss you!