September 02, 2009

Happy Bloggaversary to me!

I just realized my blog is two years old!

My first reason for starting this blog was to give my family a chance to peek at our daily life since I was away from them. Little did we know, now we are away from family on both sides and so they all get a chance to see regular updates.

Second, I wanted to have a place to encourage other moms who were considering homeschooling. I never thought I could do this and so I wanted them to show that it is possible and rewarding.

Third, I wanted to have a place to openly share joys and praises. And to look back and be thankful for what the Lord is doing in our lives. Our family is far from perfect and we have many daily struggles. I am not always a patient, compassionate, gentle mom, but God has given me grace to teach my children at home and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I also have a tendency to gravitate towards the complaints of life and this blog has helped me to focus on the good and be glad about it.

So...happy blogging to me! And thank you to those who read it. I pray our stories and school activities have been a blessing to you.


Dana said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary! I just started Before Five in a Row and came across your post on Five in a Row. Your blog was the link you posted (in Feb 07) for people to see the carrot growth chart you made for The Carrot Seed. I can't find it on your blog though. Could you direct me in anyway? Thanks!

Elinette said...

HI Dana,

Thanks for your comment. I'm working on getting more direct links for FIAR stuff into my blog but here's the link you were looking for

The Carrot Seed is such a fun story. We still have the growth chart and use it frequently. Have fun with your Before Five in a Row journey. The stories are so special we "rowed" 3 times, before moving into FIAR vol 1.