September 18, 2009

I'm 8 months old!

Hello everybody!...Sarah here...updating you on what's going on in our house, since Mami it's been busy taking care of us. I'm 8 months old now! And I'm learning to do a lot of new things. My crawling has been perfected and now I am everywhere...all the time. I've also started to say 'ba-ba' and 'ga-ga'. I can wave bye-bye a little bit...if I try hard. I can also understand when my Mami signs "all done" and "eat". She's got the boys signing at me all day long. So I know very soon I'll be able to sign as well.

My favorite thing these days is to stand up and get my legs strongs. I will be walking very soon!!
I also love eating puffs and cheerios..oh and those yummy yogurt melts Mami bought me. I'm also getting good at drinking water from the sippy cup.
My room has become the new playground as you can tell by the next picture. Every morning my brothers come to my room and play with me and read me stories. We all make a big mess together but Mami doesn't mind. She loves watching us be together like this. And I love my brothers very much. They make me laugh and babble more than anyone.
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Ruth said...

She is a doll; I love seeing her in Lauren's little suit in one of those pics. :) She is super cute, and a female version of her brothers for sure.