October 19, 2009

The Story About Ping

Our very first FIAR story for this semester was The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack. We had lots of fun learning about the country of China and life by the Yangtze river. Our highlight for the week was going to a local park to observe the ducks, see their reflection on the water and the ripples they formed while swimming. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died while we were there so no pictures of our outing. : (
Other books we read this week:
Tikki Tikki Tembo
The Five Chinese Brothers
The Little Duck by Judy Dunn
Come Along, Daisy
A peek inside our notebook for the week....
Flag and map of China (kids drew Yangtzee River on it), picture of river with "yellow" water, Ping's Family math activity.
Art lesson: drawing with coloring pencils, layering colors, drawing a duck, drawing water.

Vocabulary words, bouyancy experiment results, ducks facts that Caleb learned throughout the unit study.

Another fun activity I added to Noah's notebook is an Animal Classification Section. I designated one page for each of the basic vertebrates categories and one for invertebrates and other creatures. Each page has a pockets (see below) and we are adding an animal card for each new animal we encounter in our stories. I gathered ideas from here for this project.
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the Rackley family said...

Very cute ideas!! We're getting ready to start Ping! One quick question...are the vocab definitions written on another duck under the word??


Elinette said...

Yes, Kelly. I wrote the word in the front and my son wrote a simple definition inside. I just stapled 2 of the same printouts.

the Rackley family said...

Thanks!! Again, great ideas! Thanks for sharing! My blog is But I just started it last week (thanks to the help of my 13 yo daughter!)

I'll post our FIAR stuff, too!!