October 15, 2009

Workboxes Number Chars

I finally decided to jump into the workboxes world! Not sure what took me so long but after seeing and hearing so many homeschooling families talk about how much they love the system, we are in. Once I have all the system in place, I will post some pictures here. So far we are only doing 6 boxes and trying to get the boys into the idea of the workboxes.
Back in the Spring I saw these amazing looking number charts over at Sweet Simplicity and the super artistic Heather, made these beautiful ones for our boys. Aren't these too cute?? I have to say my camera and photopgraphy abilities are not good so I don't think these shots do them justice.
Thank you again, Heather. My boys love their number charts.

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Ruth said...

These are SUPER cute! I think you will love workboxes! It is more work for me each night getting the boxes ready, however, it makes a big difference in our stress level during school. It helps that everything has been laid out, and the kids can see what comes next. I'm so excited for you and eager to hear how it goes. I miss you!

*Heather said...

I'm so glad you like them Eli! And I think you will love the workboxes too..happy starting! ;) You are too sweet too!