November 17, 2009

Sarah is 10 months today!

Hello again! Sarah here. I'm 10 months old today! Two more months and it will be my birthday. This past month I was sick with colds a lot but I'm doing better now. I've been very busy exploring both our home and backyard. My legs are getting stronger every day and my Mami thinks I will be walking very soon. I love to wave my hands to say hello and goodbye. I'm also starting to enjoy music and books being read to me.

Here's me with my Mami. She loves this picture of us together.

And here's me wearing my hula skirt for our church's fall fest on Halloween.

The weather has been in Houston that I've started to enjoy our yard with my big brothers. This swing is my favorite thing right now. And I love that my brothers are swinging with me even more!

Hope you enjoyed the latest shots. See you next month!

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Ruth said...

She is adorable! Abbie Joy just turned a year. It goes so fast. Enjoy sweet Sarah. :)