November 10, 2009

Who Owns the Sun?

Here is a page from Caleb's notebook with our art lessons for our week with "Who Owns the Sun?". These two lessons are from the FIAR manual. First we looked over the beautiful story illustrations and tried to match some of the colors with our crayola box. The boys learned many new shades. Caleb added them to this crayons coloring picture.
We also tried to copy some of the illustration using watercolors. Can you guess where these two paintings come from? : )

This story provides a wonderful descriptive-poetic text, with lots of references to the senses. During one of our readings, I had the boys point at the board whenever they heard a reference to one of their senses in the story. This proved to be a very simple but fun activity. It helped them both practice attentiveness. They enjoyed it so much that asked for it to be done the following day. Just one look at the simple drawings below and I think it's clear that we don't need to be artistic to have a creative and fun learning day at home. I'm definitely encouraged by that!!

To further study the senses we used a few Usborne books resources. The boys really enjoyed "How Do Your Senses Work" (one of the Flip Flap Body series).

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