December 14, 2009

Family Update...Rejoicing in His Wonderful Works In Us

Last Sunday, we finally got a chance to take some pictures together at church. I'm posting some of my favorites here, especially for our family in Chicago and Puerto Rico who are always asking for more recent pictures. I'll try to post more often...I promise! : )

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We truly have so much to rejoice for in our home. This fall season was very busy, between family, church, work and boys activities. I don't blog enough about what's going on with the rest of our family life (other than school and the kids stuff) so I wanted to take a chance this week to share some additional blessings.
Starting in late October, we had colds going on in our home for six straight weeks. Some weeks one kid, some all three, some all of us! I rejoice that we survived those weeks, and thankful that they were just colds.
We did have one incident with Sarah where she began to experience wheezing and had to receive her first rounds of albuterol. It was scary for me, but in comparison with some of the people around us, our sickness was mild.
Brad's job continues to go very well. I'm so thankful that he's had very steady hours. I rejoice at seeing how the Lord is using him there to care for the elderly and speak to others about Christ.
As for me, I continue to sing at church with the worship ministry, now on a more regular basis. Often it is a sacrifice but I'm so thankful Brad supports me and encourages me to continue to use my gifts for the Lord and the church body. It is such a privilege to be infront of the congregation to lead in sung worship. I rejoice in that God chooses to use me inspite of all my imperfections.
I also started leading our church's four year old kids choir class as part of the children's Worhip Arts Ministry (WAM). We've had average of 28-30 kids per week attending our class on Wednesday nights. This semester we focused on teaching the kids songs about the attributes of God. This has taken a lot of preparation time for me but I rejoice at this wonderful opportunity. I've had some great, loving leaders to help me and the kids are adorable. So full of energy but so sweet at the same time!!
Last October was also my 30th birthday! It was a big deal for me. I really enjoy being "the young one" in my family and circle of friends. I rejoice to look back and see how the hand of God it's been at work in my life in so many ways. I'm thankful to see that I'm not who I used to be. That God is changing me and molding me to become more like Him. I rejoice, because I know that He has given me so much strenght in this journey of motherhood. And day by day drawing my closer to Himself. I rejoice because even when I keep falling, He is always there to pick me up again, extending His compassion and mercy.
Brad made sure my birthday was a special one and provided me with an entire day of pampering and relaxation (that I sooo needed!). He also had planned for my good friend Laura Laramie and her husband Nick to come from Chicago to visit us! We had such a wonderful time together!!!
Many more reasons to rejoice coming up later this week.


Elinette said...

If you read through all this long giant paragraph you deserve a big hug from me!! So sorry. Not sure what happened with the settings but I cannot get this post to show spaces between paragraphs. I'll keep trying...

Ruth said...

Great pictures, Ely! You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed reading your updates.


The Unsell Family said...

LOVE your family pictures- what a precious family you guys are. Enjoyed hearing about these past few months too.