December 17, 2009

Family Updates: Sarah

11 months!!

Hello, everyone, it's time for my monthly update. As you can see, I'm not a little baby anymore. I'm on my way to toddlerhood! And here's a picture of me with my new favorite toy. I'm busy these days walking around the house and have already adventure to do up to 6 steps on my own. Very soon I won't need this walker.

I've got a few new words under my belt and I'm really enjoying dancing to any music and trying to reach anything my brothers are playing with.

I love food...real food. No more strained or mashed foods for me. Now I can eat all kinds of table food very well. My favorites are bananas, rices and beans. As you know I've got that double tropical island heritage going on so I'm sure I make both side of grandparents very proud with eating choices.
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Ruth said...

Just totally adorable!