February 24, 2009

Foot Update-PRAISE!! with 2 preschoolers, an infant, minus one foot can be quite busy!! :)

I finally made time to write an update here on my foot.

A lot of positive things are happening....

#1 I continue to do physical therapy three times a week. I am receiving electrical stimulation in my foot and at every visit, the foot is moving and responding very well to the treatment. It is very strange to see your foot "move" by itself!!

#2 A few days ago 2 of my toes began to move again!!!! This is very encouraging and even when I cannot walk yet and it might still take a long time, it indicate the nerves and muscles in my foot are healthy and seem to be waking up.

#3 We still don't have a diagnosis on what caused this but I am expected to do some blood work to continue our search.

PRAISE THE LORD for his faithfulness and his healing hand upon me. And THANK YOU for your prayers for our families. A lot of adjustments are still happening and I hope to blog soon about what the Lord is teaching me through this trial. Yet, we see the love and grace of our Lord over us every day and his grace has been over abundant with every new challenges I face. My soul is comforted on this and the love and prayers of all of you.

School has resumed in our home as well (yes, we are still homeschooling...) so I will hopefully find time to blog about it soon.

February 13, 2009

Caleb's Valentine

This morning Caleb came to our bedroom and taped this Valentine's Day Card and heart to the wall by my side table.

He told me later that he only wrote the letter "V" for Valentine so he didn't have to write the entire word. LOL!

Now you can tell this card was "designed" by a man, right?? Short...simple...and to the point...

I'm glad he made my card first because by the time he was done making cards for the rest of the family, all that some members of our family got was a letter "V" on a small piece of paper...I guess writing is really not his thing. Next year I should videotape him giving a speech to each member of the family...each would be 1 hour long!! :-)
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Our little princess is four weeks old!

Here's little Sarah wearing a very pretty outfit given to her by Tio (Uncle) Edwin. We had two different headbands to match the dress so we had to try them both, right??

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Quick Update

I received a call yesterday from the neurologists office that all my MRI's results were clear. No traces of MS or any other neurological condition found. Praise the Lord God Almighty!!

I will be in contact with them again today to talk about what to do next. I will continue physical therapy three times a week at an outpatient clinic in Katy, TX.

Please, continue to pray for a diagnosis...we still don't have one.

February 11, 2009

In their words...

Some things my boys have said lately that put a smile on my face. Don't you love the way little kids think and talk??

Caleb: "Mami, will you play chess with me this afternoon? I rather play with you because Daddy is too much of a champion on chess. I like playing with you better. You are not so good on it".

Noah: "Mami, you know, when I grew up I am sooo glad I don't have to become a mom!"

Me: "And why is that, Noah?"

Noah: "Because moms have to work very, very hard. It's a lot of work to be a mom"

Caleb: "That's right Noah. God made you a boy so you don't have to worry about being a mom."

Noah: "Yeah, that's good. I rather become like daddy"

Caleb: "Mami, we need to start praying that Baby Sarah will come to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior"

Me: "You are right, Caleb. We will pray for her"

Caleb: "Well let's do it right now!" (he kneels next to her pack n play and prays for his baby sister). "Jesus, I pray Sarah will come to know you and believe in you and that she will love to go the church and will learn a lot Bible verses".

February 09, 2009

You'll Come more song. Both songs are from Hillsongs "This is our God" recording. Darlene Schecz and Brooke Fraser...two of my favorite worship leaders singing together!!

Desert Song

This song has minister to my heart so much that I wanted to share it here.

"All of my life, in every season, you are still God. I have a reason to sing; I have a reason to worship"

February 04, 2009

Family Update

New Baby

Hopefully you all know by now that our little baby Sarah was born on January 17, 2009. You can scroll down and see some picture of the princess just below this post.

She is almost 3 weeks old now and growing very fast. At the moment she is having a bit of fussiness when it comes to feeding time and sleeping time. Her brothers are very much in love, always kissing and asking to hold her.

Once again...the dad's genes has proven to be stronger and it looks like she will look like Brad and her brothers. But I am completely ok with long as they get mom's brain....hehe.

Complications after delivery

Sarah's delivery was very smooth and short, but soon after delivery I started noticing that my left leg and foot were still very numb (at the moment we thought this was just effects of the epidural still in my body).

The next day (Sunday) I had feeling on my left leg again but my left foot never regain feeling or motion. Right now I am honestly emotionally and mentally drained and so I will skip through some of the details but basically as of today my foot is still very numb, I have very little general sensation on it and no motion at all.

At the hospital I had a run of tests done to try to determine if this was caused by the epidural but that came back clear. So it looked like most likely it was a nerve damaged during delivery (pushing time). Because of the condition of my foot I cannot walk so I am right now using a brace (AFO) and a walker and with physical therapy to try to get more comfortable walking and preserve the function of my muscles and joints.

Starting next week I will going to an outpatien clinic for physical therapy 3 times a week. In addition to that I am seeing a neurologist who is helping us determine what is going on with my foot.

This morning I went to see him for further testing and from what we understood it looks like it is not a nerve damage like we originally thought. So...that means that we still don't have a diagnosis. It also means that I need to do further testing. Another round of MRI's was scheduled today because my doctor is concerned that this might be spinal or possibly brain related. He noticed today some abnormalities with my reflex and even mentioned the possibility of multiple sclerosis. this moment, we really covet your prayers. Pray for our eyes to continue to the fixed upon the Lord. Pray that we will not go through this trial on our flesh but have total dependence on Him. Pray God will teach us how to endure and be found faithful through this testing of our faith. Pray for Brad as he carries the financial burden of all these added test and treatments as well as being there emotionally and physically for me and the kids.

Pray also for me...the thought of a serious neurological condition doesn't scare me or worries me as much as knowing how to handle everything we have going on at home. Right now I am very much in an emotional state (probably a post-partum thing) but every test or therapy or follow up visit...means another morning that I am away from the boys and our newborn girl. I very much long to be with them right now and try to get them back into some sort of routine and so pray that I will not be overwhelmed or anxious about those things but to make the best of the time I do have with them.

I must say that through this time the one thing that has kept us going is the love, prayers, encouragement and kindness displayed to our family by so many of you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much!! We have felt so loved and cared for. And it has really humble us and move us to tears again and again how the Lord has blessed us with so many great friends and family members.

We've been listening to Pastor James Macdonald's series on trial going on right now at Harvest as well as Pastor Mark Driscoll's series on 1 Peter (Trials) and they both couldn't come at a better time!! We've been so encouraged by God's Word through this time and truly believe the Lord is growing us and molding us. It is not that I don't have my moments of sorrow and cry out to him, but at the same time we do it with the hope that nothing in this world can separate us from Him and it is for Him that we live first of all. So we should want to give him glory and honor through this trial. And we rejoice on who He is and who we are in Him because of Jesus precious sacrifice for us on the cross and our hope of eternal life.

I'll be updating here on my blog once I get the results back from the MRI's. So please check here or feel free to call us at home or cell phone. Time is very limited right now so I might not be able to call back right away or answer emails. Feel free to leave your comments here as well.

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