July 29, 2009

Where's Noah??

This is where we find him a lot these days. I let him pour water into the sand and as you can see, that's all he needs! See how he dumped all the "sand toys" out of the box? Who needs those when you have sticky sand, right? ;-)
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July 21, 2009

Why John Piper is on Twitter

This is not a new blog post but I just saw it for the first time and had to share.

LOVE his perspective and passion. Why and How John Piper is Tweeting.

July 20, 2009

Summer Educational Projects pt. 2

Just like last summer, we decided to join the FIAR Postcard Exchange event. Here's a picture of our map of the United States with stars (can't see some too well on the pictures) marking the places we've gotten a card from. So far we have received over 30 cards and still some left to arrive soon. The boys enjoy going to the mail with me to check for new cards. We have learned so much about our diverse country with this project.

As a bonus, we also received one card from the Philippines and two from Australia! These were very special for us, since Daddy was born in the Philippines and the boys are very much into Australia since our VBS this summer.
Thank you FIAR ladies for all the beautiful cards and memories!!

July 19, 2009

Can you believe I am already 6 months old?

Sweet Sarah just turned 6 months old. She loves the new play center Lola Edith got for her. Thank you, Lola! We just had her doctor check up and she is growing at a normal and healthy rate. She has been a little more clingy lately due to teething but overall she is still a very happy baby. Sleeping 10 hours at night and being very active during the day. What a precious gift the Lord has given us!
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Baby Mockingbirds

The baby mockingbirds that hatched in one of our trees are now ready to come out of the nest. We've found 2 near our bird baths and 1 peeking out of the nest. This little bird stayed very still for a while and allowed us to come near and take some shots.

I asked Caleb: "How do you know this is a little bird and not an adult?" I was expecting a simple answer like it is very small. But to my surprise he answered: "He doesn't have the long tail of the adult mockingbird and see that fuzzy hair on top of his head? He still doesn't have feathers up there". Gotta love this kid! Loved this answer. ;-)
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July 14, 2009

Home from Chicago

Praise God! We arrived safely home this morning around 4am. It was a long drive and the last few hours seemed neverending, but we are thankful to be back home.

We had a blast in Chicago with friends and family. We did zero sight-seeing, did not visit downtown or the lake. Instead we decided to use our time there to be with people we love. ;-)

Brad and I were talking about how blessed we are to have blessed friends both here in Houston and in Chicago. During our stay, it was so encouraging to hear so many people say "we were praying for you during your trial", "we are still praying for you". What a beautiful gift! I was very overwhelmed by the love we experience through God's much more than we deserve!

So now...we are ready to get back into a routine...time to unpack...our lawn needs some TLC...time to resume my workout schedule...our summer school with the boys begins next week. ;-)

July 07, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

From a very patriotic bunch! God bless America!
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