January 08, 2010

Scripture Memory Challenge

Let's see....we got books to read, lessons to prepare, husband to love, children to care for, house to maintain, meals to cook, blog to update, and much more.... I really need another challenge....and the answer is....YES!'s late and I'm still up taking a break from moping the floors.

Just wanted to post really quick to say I've decided to take a challenge on scripture memory. This is a discipline that I LOVE and it has taken me closer to the Lord. The Word of God has become a delight for my soul.

Usually I like to work with the kids on memorizing a longer passage at a time, instead of one isolated verse (unless is one that they really need to learn at the moment).

But I've always wanted to memorize an entire book of the Bible. I know it sounds crazy and difficult but it's a desire that is growing in my heart.

For now I'm only going to begin with one chapter at the time, following the scripture memory challenge of Revive our Hearts. It begins with 2 Peter 1.

This got me thinking....if YOU could memorize an entire book of the Bible, which one would you pick? Anyone??? : )


the Rackley family said...


Phil said...

Hi. Great to read about your love for Scripture memory. Both 2 PETER (esp. the first chapter) and JAMES are great short books to memorize. We currently have a group memorizing 1 TIMOTHY. Can I encourage you to check out ? Maybe you and homeschool friends could sign up as a group for mutual encouragement and inspiration.

Ruth said...

I heard the broadcasts on Scripture memory; they were fabulous. I was so challenged. I too am working on II Peter chapter one. Exciting!

Elinette said...

I love James as well!

Phil, thanks for the recommendation.

And Ruth, I'm so glad you are doing 2 Peter as well. I heard the guest speaker of the broadcasts on scripture memory while she visited our church in Chicago.

She quoted by heart the first 2 chapters of Ephesians and I was in tears afterwards. It was not the fact that she knew all that but they "way" she recited it. It just came from her heart in a beautiful way.

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