February 23, 2010

On My Mind: Haiti

It is so great to see so many wonderful relief organizations asking for donations to help the people of Haiti and I do hope that everyone will choose at least one to continue supporting.

Our family is choosing to support Churches Helping Churches. You can read all about their efforts by visiting their site. In the media section you can hear to powerful messages by James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll speaking about their visit to Haiti.

As part of their beginning efforts, to help restore the churches in Haiti, Jason Ingram wrote a song called "Who Will Rise Up?" You can hear the song on the clip below, sung by Lindsay McCaul. Lindsay is a truly gifted singer-songwriter worship leader of our church in Chicago.

SOME RAW IMAGES IN THE VIDEO SO PLEASE DON'T WATCH WITH YOUR LITTLE KIDS NEAR! You can download this song for free at Churches Helping Churches website.

Who Will Rise Up? from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo.

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Christi Brown said...

what a beautiful song. thanks for sharing.